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From the Wilderness taken to court

Mike Ruppert, publisher of a Web site that specializes in Peak Oil theory and government cover-ups, left Ashland in July after a brief but bizarre tenure here.

Now his Web site, FromThe Wilderness.com, is leaving too.

Ruppert moved himself and his business from Los Angeles to Ashland in the spring, and quickly developed a local following based on his belief that the world would drastically change when fossil fuels become more scarce, and his theory that the United States government was behind the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

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The former office of Mike Ruppert’s From The Wilderness Web site has closed and all the office equipment moved.

Photo by Orville Hector | Daily Tidings

But, in June, he accused an ex-employee of burglarizing his office, shortly after that employee accused him of sexual harassment. Around the time that Ashland police pegged him as a potential suspect in the crime, he changed his story and claimed to flee to Venezuela.

"There are facts about the timing of the burglary that may eventually connect to events here in Venezuela," he said in a farewell letter on his Web site. At that time, he said his site would continue without him, making a plea for financial donations.

But now, five months after his departure from his short-lived home town of Ashland, his Web magazine is following suit &

albeit in a more traditional fashion.

From The Wilderness Inc. is subpoenaed to appear in a Jackson County court today for an eviction notice, according to a legal notice stapled to the now-vacant office on Washington Street. An Ashland attorney for the landlord says Ruppert owes them rent for October and November.

In a recent post on his Web site Ruppert said From the Wilderness is shutting down.

"FTW's time of usefulness on this planet is ending," he wrote in the Internet post. "[It] is really screwed up right now. Everybody knows it and I am not going to ignore it."

He said FTW's sales dropped by 60 percent and "cash flow dried up" after he left the country.

Ruppert said by early November his staff "working without pay, had shipped most, but not all of the remaining orders."

But some new customers in Ashland never received their subscriptions. One Ashland woman, who paid $75 for a subscription to his Internet and print newsletter in July, said she never received any copies.

"I paid for a subscription to be mailed to me around July 4, 2006 and none has ever been mailed to me," she wrote, in a letter attached to the same door as the subpoena. "Would you please send me all issues of FTW from July to present."

In a new message from Ruppert on FTW posted this weekend, Ruppert says he is now living in Canada &

and plans to pay all his delinquent bills.

"Michael Ruppert has every intention of satisfying all legitimate outstanding debts of From The Wilderness Publications, Inc," the post reads. "Those creditors and customers with unfilled orders who have not received refunds are asked to maintain complete records. At a subsequent date, either the FTW web site or Mike Ruppert's blog will post notices about how to make contact and present claims."

In prior posts, he claims his health had deteriorated &

eventually necessitating the move to the Toronto area.

"It has been learned that his adrenal system is severely damaged and there may be toxicity of the liver," it says on his Web site.

Though he expects to regain his health, he says his 20-year stint as a conspiracy-theory journalist are behind him.

"I want to repeat something I have been saying in private e-mails over the last month," he wrote. "Personally, I am through forever with investigative journalism and public lecturing. I am leaving public life. It is time to move on. I spent twenty-seven years as a dedicated public activist and that is something which I am no longer able or inclined to do. The price was ultimately too great."

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