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Ashland Police & Fire Reports

Ashland Police Reports

Wednesday, 8:30a.m. &

Between the Tuesday approximately 5:30p.m. and Wednesday 8:30a.m., at the Water Street Caf&


169;, an unknown person(s) gained entry through a hole in the cover which surrounds the caf&


169;. The person(s) damaged two wooden cabinet doors and removed a bag of shredded cheese from the refrigerator. The person(s) threw cheese from the bag on the caf&


169; floor.

Wednesday, 3:30p.m. &

Between 2:30p.m. and 3:30p.m. An unknown suspect entered through the unlocked door of a residence on Nova Dr and stole two plasma screen TVs, an X-Box 360, — controllers, and 10 X-Box 360 games.

Wednesday, 7:06p.m. &

Ashland police department received a report that loss prevention officers at Safeway had two juvenile females detained for shoplifting. The two juveniles had been found to have shoplifted beer. Both will be facing charges of theft III and minor in possession &

alcohol through Jackson County Juvenile Division.

Wednesday, 8:00p.m. &

An adult male was arrested for reckless driving, reckless endangering and possessing of a controlled substance &

marijuana after he was contacted for operating a vehicle in a reckless manner around the interior of the second level of the Ashland Parking Structure and placing the four other occupants in danger. He was also found to be in possession of more than an ounce of marijuana.

Wednesday, 8:01p.m. &

Police observed a subject who appeared to be smoking marijuana from a large glass bong in the back seat of a light blue Cadillac vehicle parked in the public parking lot at Lithia Way and Pioneer St. Police contacted the subjects and cited and released the subject for being in possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

Wednesday, 8:03p.m. &

While police were assisting Safeway loss prevention with another shoplifting case, a loss prevention officer caught another juvenile male leaving the store with beer that he did not intend to pay for. The juvenile will be facing charges of theft III and minor in possession &

alcohol through Jackson County Juvenile Court.

Wednesday, 9:15p.m. &

Police observed two subjects who appeared to be smoking marijuana from a glass pipe, as they sat on a public bench. They were passing the pipe. Police approached them and one suspect got up and ran off. Police ordered him to stop and he did not respond. Police attempted to grab him as he ran past to no avail. He accidentally dropped his wallet at the feet of the police officer. The second suspect who remained seated as ordered was cited and released. The cited suspect was very cooperative. Both suspects were determined to be minors and they were in possession of alcoholic beverages as well. The investigation continues to contact and cite the other minor.

Wednesday, 9:25p.m. &

A man was stopped for a traffic violation. His license was suspended and there was no insurance on the vehicle. He was cited and the vehicle was impounded.

Wednesday, 10:01p.m. &

A man was cited for open container while at Calle Guanajuato.

Wednesday, 10:09p.m. &

Police stopped a driver for a moving violation. The driver did not have any valid operators license and was not able to prove coverage of liability insurance. Vehicle was impounded.

Wednesday, 10:26p.m. &

A firearm was confiscated from a male subject while he was in the Plaza. The firearm was placed into property for safekeeping.

Wednesday, 11:37p.m. &

Police responded to the report of a loud party. When police arrived people were observed spilling into the streets. People screaming and yelling at volumes well exceeding reasonable levels were heard. Three of the residents were contacted and cited for unnecessary noise.

Wednesday, 11:37p.m. &

Police observed two intoxicated subjects stumbling down the sidewalk. Both women were under the age of twenty-one and intoxicated. Both were cited for minor in possession and given courtesy transports to Madrone Hall.

Wednesday, 11:45p.m. &

While patrolling the Plaza, police noticed a suspicious male attempting to conceal a woman's purse under his arm. Police questioned him about the purse and he was not able to provide the name of the female "friend" who asked him to hold it for her. Police took the purse, gave the subject a card, and told him to have the female contact the department and they would return her purse to her.

Wednesday, 11:47p.m. &

Police responded to Martino's to assist Ashland Fire and Rescue with issuing a citation for overcrowding. The owner of the business was cited for code violation.

Thursday, 12:41a.m. &

Two employees of the Vinyl Club were cited for permitting overcrowding.

Thursday, 12:43a.m. &

A male was cited for misrepresentation of age at the Kat Wok.

Thursday, 1:45a.m. &

Two males were cited for misuse of a monument. Police observed the subjects climb the "Iron Mike" statue on the Plaza.

Thursday, 2:26a.m. &

Police contacted a male with an expired drivers license. The license was confiscated and logged into property to be destroyed.

Thursday, 1:09a.m. &

Police responded to the report of an intoxicated male trying to enter a residence that was not his. The male, who was under twenty-one, was taken into protective custody and transported to his residence where he was cited for minor in possession and released to a sober adult.

Thursday, 6:14a.m. &

An adult male reported that a known intoxicated friend urinated on his IBM laptop computer.