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Wounded warriors can use your help

How can I help with the Wounded Warrior Project, particularly when it comes to giving wounded veterans a helping hand to float the wild Rogue River? I read your Sunday article about the "Mission of Healing" but couldn't find where to help with the project. These guys need all the support we can give them.

— M.G., Medford

Like the river, the article ran long, requiring a little slicing and dicing to make it fit — even though we allocated a full page for the jump, M.G. Unfortunately, the contact information was inadvertently omitted.

But we agree it's a great program for the returning veterans who have been wounded in mind or body. There is nothing like a float down the Rogue to mend body and soul.

The local fellow to contact is Grants Pass resident John Chmelir, an energetic veteran who started a fundraiser early in August to pay for the recent trip down the lower Rogue's Wild and Scenic section.

Working with river guides and the national Wounded Warrior Project, Chmelir is planning a similar Rogue trip next year. Money not used for the recent trip has been set aside for future trips for other wounded veterans. You can reach him at warriorfish07@gmail.com.

The Wounded Warrior Project, located in Jacksonville, Fla., can be reached through its Web site at www.woundedwarriorproject.org.

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