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Medford police investigate report of bomb

Discovery of a cylindrical black object in a Medford neighborhood today has launched a bomb squad investigation.

Police briefly blocked access to a home in the Third and Grape street areas after resident Kimberly Staack found the object, now suspected to be "altered fireworks," said Sgt. Kim Budreau of Medford police.

Staack, 46, discovered the object in the grassy parkway near her Third and Grape streets home around noon.

She picked up the object - which appeared to have a detonator fuse and was meticulously wrapped in black tape - and took it back home.

"I don't know what I was thinking. I can't believe I did that," said Staack.

Staack's daughter, Anjelica Ortega, said her mother wanted to unwrap the "mystery object." Ortega told her mother to leave the package on the front porch and called the police.

Medford Police responded to Ortega's call, observed the object and ordered the family, including Ortega's two small children, to evacuate the home.

Police then taped off the two-story house and called the bomb squad.

- Sanne Specht