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Trail, Oregon anniversaries coincide

TRAIL — The Trail Post Office will be the only office in Oregon to offer stamp collectors two different commemorative hand cancellations honoring the state's 150th birthday.

"They're making me a special stamp that includes a pine tree design and the date, Feb. 14," said Postmaster Barbara Falcy, "the actual date of Oregon statehood."

Falcy said because the Trail Post Office is celebrating its 116th birthday in February, the staff will hold a special event on Feb. 14 to commemorate both anniversaries.

The office will relocate around the corner to the Trail Museum for a one-day community celebration. The old post office stood next to the museum between 1947 and 1998.

"People can come that day and get their choice of two different cancellations for their stamped envelopes," said Falcy. "You can purchase the Oregon Statehood Commemorative Stamp and have it stamped with either one, and then mailed or given back to you for your collection."

Each post office in the state already has a commemorative rubber stamp that is shaped like Oregon and encircles the Oregon Sesquicentennial stamp. The hand stamp is dated Jan. 14, the date the sesquicentennial stamp was issued. It also includes the name of the city and designates the post office as a Sesquicentennial Station.

"Normally a cancellation stamp cancels the stamp itself, so you can't see it," said Shady Cove Postmaster Marty Mingus, "but, they designed this one so the State of Oregon goes around the edge so it's still visible.

Articles about the Oregon commemorative stamp have already appeared in a number of philatelic magazines, so stamp collectors from around the world are already contacting local post offices.

Mingus said his office has received a number of requests for the stamp and the hand cancellation, and he expects to get more.

"But we're not doing anything special this time," he said, "We're supporting Trail just like they did when we had our Shady Cove commemoration event about 18 months ago."

He said if someone comes in and wants a hand stamp, he'll suggest they drive two miles up the road and give Trail their business.

Falcy said the U.S. Postal Service encouraged her to do something special.

"Nobody else in the area was doing anything," she said, "and I remember how much fun we had at the 100th post office anniversary, and we have a lot of new people in the area, so as long as I could do something in February and combine the two anniversaries, I thought it was a good idea."

In addition to the commemorative hand stamping, there will be refreshments, pictures of the old Trail post offices, and what Falcy said would be a "lot of conversation about what once was."

Writer Bill Miller lives in Shady Cove. Reach him at newsmiller@yahoo.com.

Trail, Oregon anniversaries coincide