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Vote for your favorite teacher

The Oregon Department of Education is now accepting nominations for the 2009-10 Oregon Teacher of the Year (TOY). Anyone may nominate a candidate for the Oregon Teacher of the Year. Candidates may not, however, nominate him or herself.

In conjunction with this year's TOY nominations, the Ashland Daily Tidings will present a photo gallery of local teachers who students submit as their favorites.

The teacher can be anyone who is considered to be someone's favorite. The person submitting the teacher doesn't have to be a student. Anyone can nominate any teacher that has impressed them enough to be considered their favorite.

The submission process is simple. Attach a photo of the teacher to an e-mail. Provide the first and last name of the teacher, where the teacher works and the grade level he or she teaches.

Then, include your own name and contact information for verification purposes only (not for publication).

Then briefly explain why you're submitting the teacher for our featured photo gallery. Tell us what impact that teacher has made upon you and others and why he or she is your favorite.

Send to


That's all there is to it.

And if you wish to nominate that teacher for consideration as the Oregon TOY, go to the Oregon Department of Education Web site and fill out the "Talent Pool Recommendation" form (

www.ode.state.or.us/go/TOY). At the end of the talent pool recommendation, click the box to nominate the individual for the Oregon Teacher of the Year.

The deadline for nominations for TOY is May 1, 2009. The Oregon TOY will be announced at the beginning of October.

But you can start submitting your favorite teachers to the Daily Tidings' Featured Teachers Photo Gallery today at


We will put the photo gallery on display when we receive enough candidates to open the album. We will continue accepting submissions until further notice.

Teachers of any kind can be featured in our gallery: parents, mentors, role models, clergy, etc. Oregon limits its nominations to specific guidelines, but to feature a teacher in our photo gallery, that person needs only one qualification. he or she must have made such an impact that someone feels compelled to submit their photo and name to the Daily Tidings.