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Versatile and Personal, Gift Baskets are Perfect for Newlyweds

When it comes to giving a great wedding or bridal shower gift, it pays to put all your eggs - or gifts - in one basket. Gift baskets are not only simple to brainstorm, they are easy to put together and transport. Plus, you can fill gift baskets with items you know the newlyweds will use and match it to their lifestyles.

Here are some gift-basket ideas you can purchase or create yourself to match the personalities of the recipients.

For the Bathroom.

Find a semi-large basket which will hold bottles of bath salts, bubble bath and lotion upright. You can wrap the bottles in a hand towel and matching wash cloth to keep the bottles from clanking. Also try to match the scents of the products, and top the gift basket off with a matching candle.

In the Laundry Room.

Purchase a laundry basket with comfortable handles and fill it with laundry detergent, softener and a filled change container for anyone who has to use a Laundromat. If you have space leftover, add some wooden hangers, an iron or ironing board.

Spicing up the Kitchen.

Americans are cooking more and more in their own kitchens thanks to a troubled economy, and every working kitchen needs a good set of spices. American Spice has a starter spice kit already assembled, or you can create your own, matching the tastes of the bride and groom.

Say the bride is into French cooking and is always complaining she can't find cooking lavender anywhere in the stores. Visit www.AmericanSpice.com, add a bottle to your gift basket and she will be in heaven.

If your friends already have an established spice collection, check out the jams, salad dressings or barbeque sets which come in many different sizes and flavors. Tuck in a few drying towels, a chef's apron or hat, cooking utensils and a recipe box and your cook is set to create some amazing treats and meals.

Setting up the Garage.

Anyone with a vehicle can use a garage-themed auto care kit. Instead of using a basket, try a crate or nice wooden box. Start with jumper cables, and include all the handy tools necessary to do minor maintenance jobs -- paper hand towels, extra bottles of window washing fluid, transmission fluid and oil. A small tool kit also would be handy, complete with a lightweight hammer, screw drivers and a pair of pliers.

Bedroom Basics.

This basket can go in many directions, depending on how the recipient is related to you. For basic ideas, try an aromatherapy candle, a good novel, a set of high thread-count cotton sheets complete with pillow covers and a reading light.

Courtesy of ARAcontent

Versatile and Personal, Gift Baskets are Perfect for Newlyweds