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You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy Adar

The Jewish month of Adar, which began Wednesday at sunset, will be celebrated at Temple Emek Shalom on Friday evening at 7:30 with a musical service.

"Forget the image in your mind of religion; let it go," Rabbi Marc Sirinsky said. "Suddenly up can become down. The sacred can spin into the wild and fun. There's a kaleidoscope of shimmering gems hidden in the Jewish month of Adar. Adar is when bubbles rise from our hearts, when we get to sing songs by Santana and Aretha Franklin and by the Doors and Roger Miller in our very own house of prayer. We play with the words. We have the spirit to glean the joyous vibrations out of Torah and spread them like giggles from seat to seat. And you don't have to be Jewish to join in the holy laughter. Everyone is welcome."

Musicians Dave Young, Gabe Young, Dennis Freese, Jordan Saturen, Bari Frimkess, Bella Feldman and Asha Slater, joined by Rabbi Sirinsky, will lead the sacred merriment at the Friday evening service.

"The month of Adar is the Jewish Mardi Gras, but instead of doubloons we toss smiles and laughter," musician Asha Slater said.

While the first of Adar is technically on the new moon (Wednesday evening), the climax of this Hebrew month is Purim.

"Since it is said that Purim will be the last holiday celebrated after the coming of the Messiah, the beginning of this month is serious indeed," Sirinsky said. "There is nothing more real, guttural and primal then the ability to find humor in what astounds you. I hope others will feel welcome to come be astounded with us by life, by beauty, by joy, by the amazing and wildly intricate maze beneath our masks."

Temple Emek Shalom is located at 1800 E. Main. For information call 488-2909.