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Tim Julian wins Fourth run

It's a family affair when the Julians get together for the Ashland Fourth of July Run.

But that's not what Tim Julian referred to when he said the six-mile race Saturday was "fun, in a relative way."

He meant the run was as fun as it could be given the punishment it delivers.

"It's six miles that treats you like a half-marathon," said Julian.

Nevertheless, he won the men's division for the second straight year, giving him five championships overall. Only two others — his brother, Pete, with seven, and Leonard Hill, with six — have more.

Tim Julian, 39, and who lives in Portland, won in 32 minutes, 10.36 seconds. Erik Skaggs of Ashland was second in 32:30.96, and former Ashland High runner Andy Wright, of San Luis Obispo, Calif., was third in 32:37.45.

The 20-second gap between first and second was the fifth closest in the 33 years of the run, said race director John Cornet.

In the women's division, former Phoenix High and current Linfield College standout Marci Klimek triumphed. She was timed in 38:06.02, well ahead of runner-up Liana Jenkins' mark of 39:01.29. Molly Soasey, of Forest Grove, was third in 39:41.83.

Tim Julian, who works as a respiratory therapist at Providence Hospital, and his brothers Pete and Bob have run the event for about 25 years.

"I've gotta make the trip down here," Tim Julian laughed. "I don't have a choice, really."

And he doesn't take his victory or flirtation with the record book too seriously. Brother Pete, a former world-class runner who now coaches at Metro State University in Colorado, has been in the run the past couple years but has opted for a leisurely pace.

"He could pretty much have dominated if he wanted to," said Tim Julian, himself a former runner at the University of Oregon. "He kind of handed me this one. He's done that the last couple years."

And what of the victory total record?

"Not important at all," he said. "This run is kind of a family tradition. I don't want to say I could care less because there's a little bit of family pride. It's just fun. My brothers and I have been running this for almost the whole history of it. If one of us can take home the win, that's cool, but it's not a big deal at all."

There were just under 700 entries, making it the second largest turnout ever, and 667 completed either the six- or two-mile runs. There were 379 finishers at the longer distance, 288 for the shorter.

The race starts and ends near the library in downtown Ashland. The route heads east past the freeway, along Eagle Mill Road, then back to town.

At the turnaround, there were a half-dozen runners still going strong, said Julian.

"Erik Skaggs was pretty much setting the pace," he said. "I was just trying to hang with him. It was kind of a tactical race. With the heat and all, I don't think anybody wanted to take it out. It wasn't really the fastest time. It was one of those races where, whoever tried to gut it out was probably going to take it."

That turned out to be him.

Julian gained separation just before an uphill stretch on Hershey Street and led the final two miles.

"Both of us were hurting, I'm sure," he said, referring to himself and Skaggs. "There was just one moment where I kind of tried to break away. That doesn't always work, but I knew the hill would be brutal, and I didn't want to kill myself on it. I just kind of put my head down and was grinding through the last two miles as best as I could."

Klimek didn't have as much of a challenge, which shouldn't be surprising.

She placed ninth in both the 5,000 and 10,000 meters this past spring in the NCAA Division III Track and Field Championships.

It capped her best season as a collegian. She earlier broke Linfield's 13-year-old record in the 5,000 with a time of 17:13.74.

In the Ashland run, the top three women all produced marks in the top 45 of all time.

Klimek's time is the 18th best in history, Jenkins' is 32nd and Soasey's is 44th.

6-Mile Results

Top 50


1, Tim Julian, 32:10.36; 2, Erik Skaggs, 32:30.96; 3, Andy Wright, 32:37.45; 4, Richard Zhu, 32:40.43; 5, Drew Jordan, 33:12.67; 6, Brian Anderson, 33:34.31; 7, Tyler Davis, 34:00.21; 8, Jeff Olsen, 34:02.52; 9, J.J. Moses, 34:19.03; 10, Robert Julian Jr., 34:29.77; 11, Sean Nesbitt, 35:17.19; 12, Pete Julian, 35:46.74; 13, Steve Richards, 36:12.04; 14, Ian Torrence, 36:20.48; 15, David Rees, 36:42.77; 16, J.C. Callans, 36:46.19; 17, Daniel Hough, 36:53.05; 18, Jeremy Eisen, 37:00.88; 19, Chris Rennaker, 37:08.63; 20, Hal Koerner, 37:16.35; 21, Ted Burnham, 37:31.06; 22, Brad Higgins, 37:47.99; 23, James Morgan, 38:29.65; 24, Brian DeVore, 38:33.24; 25, Blake Durkee, 38:43.76.

26, Chris Mayer, 38:52.37; 27, Nicholas Lenford, 38:57.85; 28, David Jordan, 39:12.19; 29; Alex DioDato, 39:20.07; 30, Michael Sotos, 39:22.18; 31, Casey Gatz, 39:45.85; 32, Kevin Kocarek, 39:51.53; 33, Brad Holland, 40:02.17; 34, John Williams, 40:10.51; 35, Matt Miner, 40:11.11; 36, Thomas Knox, 40:13.58; 37, Chuck Janes, 40:39.46; 38, Mike Davis, 41:21.15; 39, Freeborn Mondello, 41:25.75; 40, Todd Coffey, 41:46.60; 41, Timothy Tillman, 42:10.52; 42, Kas Lane, 42:45.10; 43, Jimmy Pedrojetti, 42:52.44; 44, Eric Halvorson, 42:57.60; 45, Will Patton, 43:42.62; 46, Brent Davol, 43:47.04; 47, Austin Barbee, 43:48.43; 48, Colin Mullane, 44:08.87; 49, Hank Mastain, 44:09.07; 50, Jason Spies, 44:26.14.


1, Marci Klimek, 38:06.02; 2, Liana Jenkins, 39:01.29; 3, Molly Soasey, 39:41.83; 4, Colleen Carter-Cox, 40:51.66; 5, Judy Wilson, 41:01.41; 6, Seena Frantz, 41:03.46; 7, Susan Holt, 41:31.99; 8, Sarah Hyman, 42:26.94; 9, Bethany Erickson, 42:28.35; 10, Lisa Stein, 42:51.28; 11, Dana Axon, 43:19.85; 12, Monica Bunawan, 44:32.76; 13, Cheyenne Davis, 44:43.22; 14, Ashley Baldovino, 44:58.96; 15, Becky Hacker, 45:25.47; 16, Nell Rafalovich, 45:37.29; 17, Linly Rees, 46:04.63; 18, Marie Uhtoff, 46:04.90; 19, Colleen Julian, 46:11.53; 20, Molly Mullane, 46:26.95; 21, Maria Clementi, 46:30.33; 22, Dana DuVivier, 47:13.53; 23, Karolina Wyszynska, 47:29.85; 24, Marisa Quinn, 47:51.65; 25, Rachel Heiken, 47:56.66.

26, Lisa Bock, 48:01.19; 27, Dolores Christensen, 48:23.30; 28, Tristin Conner, 48:28.88; 29, Cynthia Wright, 48:48.80; 30, Heidi Bosworth, 48:54.11; 31, Anna Lee, 48:56.82; 32, Sierra Walker, 49:02.87; 33, Crissy Barnett, 49:16.97; 34, Molly Gramley, 49:24.05; 35, Carry Varner, 49:27.36; 36, Whitney Drew, 49:35.68; 37, Susannah Bishop, 49:40.33; 38, Emily Sears, 49:46.52; 39, Molly Holzshu, 50:06.04; 40, Talissa Baldovino, 50:29.59; 41, Tara Shanor, 50:32.00; 42, Michelle Christian, 50:37.00; 43, Lindsay Hale, 51:03.27; 44, Haley Kuhn, 51:07.87; 45, Kelly Stuckey, 51:25.35; 46, Sarah Duarte, 51:31.64; 47, Sarah Swales, 51:48.47; 48, Shawna Blanchette, 51:50.97; 49, Kelsey Dennis, 51:51.50; 50, Jennifer Callans, 51:57.06.

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