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Man will go to prison for abusing girlfriend's daughters

A man who sexually abused his girlfriend's two pre-teen daughters multiple times over the course of two years was sentenced today to 12 years and six months in prison.

A jury found Pedro Aguilera-Perez, 44, guilty of six counts of first-degree sexual assault on June 24, and Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Ray White sentenced him to prison this morning, calling his behavior "reprehensible."

Jackson County Deputy District Attorney David Orr explained that Aguilera-Perez had moved in with his girlfriend and her two daughters — then 7 and 10 — in Medford about two and a half years ago. Shortly thereafter, the 10-year-old reported that he had touched her inappropriately, but her mother vouched for Aguilera-Perez and said it was a misunderstanding, not abuse, Orr said.

Early this year, the younger girl, now 9, told people at school about ongoing abuse at home, Orr said.

"This is really, truly a horrible situation," he said, describing how the younger girl recounted that Aguilera-Perez repeatedly had paid her money to take off her clothes and let him touch her.

Aguilera-Perez, who is in the country illegally, bragged of moving across the border easily and told the younger girls that he had killed people in Mexico and would kill her, too, if she told anyone about the abuse.

Five charges related to the abuse of that girl and one was related to the abuse of her older sister. Each charge carried a mandatory sentence of 75 months. Orr asked that Aguilera-Perez serve two full consecutive sentences — one for each victim. The additional charges linked to the same victim will be concurrent, and Aguilera-Perez will get credit for the four months he was jailed awaiting trial.

He will face deportation after his release from prison and must register as a sex offender if he ever comes back to the U.S.

— Anita Burke