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Since You Asked: Tin loggers have stood the test of time

What is that metal statue out at the Jackson County fairgrounds? It kind of looks like Paul Bunyan but it's hard to tell. Perhaps you could shed some light on this for me.

— Tom S., Medford

Illumination is what we do, Tom, particularly when it comes to shining a light on the twin Paul Bunyans which are part of our history.

Fairgoers next week can see them standing on the northwest side of the Jackson County Fairgrounds and Exposition Park in Central Point.

The 37-foot-tall tin loggers, which were once used to advertise a now-defunct heavy equipment sales firm along Highway 99 near the Sage Road intersection in the 1940s, were moved to their present site at the Expo early in July 1994.

The Bunyan brothers were placed there as a symbol of the timber industry by the Eugene F. Burrill Lumber Co. of White City, the last independently owned lumber mill in Jackson County. It closed in 1998.

A local paint company and some other folks helped restore the Bunyans at the time. They were erected on an old windmill tower.

You will noticed the giant twins both wear hard hats reminding passersby to "Keep Oregon Green." One holds a double-bitted ax; the other a peavey, a long-handled tool used to turn logs.

They're dressed in the traditional checkered shirt and jeans of an Oregon logger. Their boots are four feet tall; the ax some 10 feet long.

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