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Tidings Café: Marko

Marko is the latest Tidings Café in-studio performance with strong reggae influences. He performed two of his original songs, "Take Me" and "Principles," from his new album "All the Love That I've Found" with musical backing by Humble Soul.

"Take Me" was written after sudden inspiration on a white sand beach in New Zealand. "Principles" is one of his older tunes, also written on unexplained inspiration using a "rhydem" track he had with no lyrics to accompany the music. Rhydem is a reggae term used to identify some of the sounds frequently recycled in the reggae community, Marko explained.

"They just came to me," Marko said.

Marko, aka Markos Photinos, is an active Ashlander with his musical endeavors and work with the clothing line RuffKuts. RuffKuts supports local and regional musicians such as Indubious, State of Jefferson, Monk, Outpost and several others with their endeavors.

Marko doesn't have his own band, per se, but finds all the musical support he needs from like-minded bands and DJs.

Most of the bands that back him have all played together at some point and create a different sound each time one of his songs is performed.

"I always wanted to be a singer," he said of his young start with a guitar from his parents and pots and pans from around the house.

Ashland is a unique and consistently changing musical community, Marko says, with the college kids changing, a weird demographic and a location right in the middle of Portland and San Francisco.

He remembers a punk phase, trance, pop and is pleased to see reggae most recently the key genre on people minds; and ears.

It's a busy month for Marko, with just a couple days spent in Ashland at any given time. This week he's off to Bend, followed by Seattle for Hemp Fest. He will return to Southern Oregon for the Jefferson State Food Drive Festival in Grants Pass Aug. 21 and 22. He will also join Monk as they open for Midnite at the Ashland Armory on Aug. 30.

The new album by Marko is available at www.markoreggae.com. Look for more on the Hawaiian group Humble Soul soon.

Marko's live video performances can be watched on the Tidings Café group page of connectashland.com and at dailytidings.com. There are some differences this time with the video production. Denizen TV and the Tidings Café staff are collaborating to bring you the best local coverage of area musicians. Tell us what you think of the video on Connect Ashland.