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Flu vaccine running out

The Jackson County Health Department has run out of vaccine for seasonal flu, and other providers are either out or nearly out, county health officials say.

Many, however, still have vaccine for the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, and the county expects more vaccine for seasonal flu in November, said Viki Brown, director of public health services.

Brown said the health department surveyed many providers around the county on Monday and found most were out or nearly out of the seasonal flu vaccine.

Exceptions were the Ashland Bi-Mart, 2280 Ashland St., with 300 doses, Safeway at Medford Shopping Center, with 450, and the Medford Walgreens, 210 E. Barnett Road, with 150. Costco, 3639 Crater Lake Highway, Medford, plans a seasonal-flu clinic on Wednesday.

The gap in the supply occurred because the manufacturer has shifted much of its production capability to H1N1 vaccine, said Brown. She said the county does not have a precise date for when the seasonal-flu vaccine will be resupplied next month.

No cases of seasonal flu are yet reported in Oregon, and all flu cases so far appear to be H1N1, Brown added.

The county doesn't survey every clinic, so those seeking shots may want to check with smaller pharmacies, she said. Vaccinations normally run $25 to $30, Brown said.