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Stone, glass or trusses are under those tarps

I see trucks on Interstate 5 that have a large, tarped, triangular cargo. What is under the tarps? My guess is that they are jet engines on a stand, but that is just a guess. The truck lines are Consolidated and Peterson plus others. Any idea?

— Lee T., Talent

Well, Lee, we came up with several answers to your question, most of them a bit more mundane than your jet engine guess.

An account manager with the Freight Center out of Florida said Consolidated Trucking's wooden A-frames typically carry slabs of marble, granite or glass.

"It's probably some heavy, fancy stone," he said. He said the company ships nationally and internationally, and that's the cargo it would ship in triangular-tarped trucks on I-5 in Oregon.

A company secretary for Dwight Peterson Trucking of Atascadero, Calif., said that on I-5, her company would be transporting trusses, which are frames for houses.

Dan Bertak, a freight broker from Eze Trucking in east Medford, said when an A-frame rack is used, "99.9 percent of the time it's glass."

"They're on wood or aluminum racks that look like an A-frame," Bertak said. "They're always tarped."

He said occasionally the freight could be granite, but often granite is hauled upright in a vertical position on wooden racks that are not as tall, while glass is transported in a leaning position.

At Combined Transport in Central Point, President Mike Card confirmed that his company is carrying glass.

"It's flat glass on A-frames," he said. "The glass is made in California and shipped to window manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest."

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