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State medical board sanctions Medford eye doctor

Editor's note: On Oct. 3, 2013, the Oregon Medical Board terminated the conditions placed on Paul Steven Imperia's medical license, finding he was in compliance with the order.

A Medford eye doctor was sanctioned by the Oregon Medical Board for alleged "unprofessional" conduct during the follow-up care of surgical patients.

An investigation was opened earlier this year into the manner in which ophthalmologist Paul Imperia, who owns the Imperia Laser Eye Center on East Barnett Road in Medford, handled four patients who suffered complications after surgery in the eye center.

The board determined that Imperia was "routinely delegating post-operative follow-up care of his surgical patients to his clinic staff."

This is not allowed under the state's Medical Practice Act, according to an order released by the Oregon Medical Board.

Imperia was reprimanded, ordered to pay a $5,000 fine and was placed on five years probation under the Oregon Medical Board.

Imperia also is ordered to appear in person to the board for quarterly meetings with a probationer.

Imperia's patient charts are also subject to no-notice compliance audits by the Oregon Medical Board. Imperia will cover the costs of these audits. The board ruled that there won't be more than two audits per year while the business remains on probation.

"Recognizing the management of post-surgical care is the responsibility of the operating ophthalmologist," said the order released by the Oregon Medical Board.

The board said Imperia must make a reasonable effort to schedule and meet with every surgical patient at least once after surgery for a post-operative evaluation.

If any of these orders are violated during the probation period, Imperia faces additional disciplinary actions by the Oregon Medical Board.

Imperia also owns a medical practice on Northeast Seventh Street in Grants Pass.