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Teen sentenced as adult for coercing and threatening ex-girlfriend

A Talent teen has received a three-year sentence because he dragged his ex-girlfriend to his home in a fit of jealousy, then held her captive and made threats against her.

Juan Pablo Escoto-Siordia, 17, was sentenced Wednesday by Jackson County Circuit Judge Benjamin Bloom. He was also given three years' post-prison supervision.

Escoto, who will turn 18 in March, was remanded to adult court after the incident, which occurred on Sept. 21 in Talent.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Beth Heckert said when Escoto observed an ex-girlfriend talking to another male, he confronted the male, who left. Escoto then grabbed the victim by the hair and dragged her to his house while threatening to injure her and himself.

The victim told Escoto she did not want to go to his house. But after they arrived at Escoto's home, he continued to threaten her while using drugs.

"The victim reported Escoto was huffing while he had her at his house," Heckert said, adding the victim was eventually able to persuade him to allow her to leave.

The victim reported the incident immediately to family members, who contacted Talent police.

Escoto admitted to making threats, but stated he wouldn't have hurt her. He also admitted that she had asked to leave and he had told her she could not, Heckert said.

Heckert said that since Escoto is a juvenile, he will be entitled to a "second look hearing" at the conclusion of half of his sentence. If he can demonstrate to the court that he has participated in the programs offered at the youth correctional facility and been rehabilitated and reformed, the court can reduce his sentence, she said.

— Sanne Specht