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Suspects in recent armed robberies arrested

Medford police have arrested two brothers suspected in an armed robbery at Bunk's Deli late last year.

Bryon Allen Kezer, 23, and Zachari Dean Kezer, 22, of Medford, were arrested at 4 p.m. Thursday following an anonymous tip. Police also believe Bryon is responsible for a New Year's Day robbery of Deli Bean and an attempted robbery at Human Bean.

Police arrested Bryon at a residence in the 500 block of Kenwood Avenue Thursday afternoon. He was taken into custody without incident.

In interviewing him, detectives learned his brother, Zachari, also was involved in the Bunk's Deli robbery.

That robbery happened Dec. 30. Police said Bryon walked in wearing a bandana and brandishing a gun. He demanded money, then stuffed cash into a purse before fleeing the scene. Medford police Detective Sgt. Mike Budreau said Zachari was inside the deli prior to the robbery and fed information about how many people were inside to Bryon via cell phone.

"He acted in conjunction with his brother to relay information," Budreau said. "That's something we've seen in other robberies. If somebody's going to do an armed robbery, usually they'll want to have information on who's inside."

Police set up a perimeter within a matter of minutes following the robbery but were unable to track the suspect.

There was an attempted robbery at the 1598 Biddle Road Human Bean two days later. Police said Bryon approached the coffee stand, this time unarmed, and reached into the booth to try to grab the cash register.

Police suspect he robbed the Deli Bean on North Pacific Highway later that day, again with a weapon. He stole less than $1,000 from the three businesses, detectives said.

Zachari was cited on a second-degree robbery charge and released.

"He was cooperative with the investigation," Budreau said.

Bryon is held in lieu of $2 million bail at the Jackson County Jail on second-degree robbery and attempted second-degree robbery charges. If convicted, Bryon would face time in prison. Police declined to discuss details on why he robbed the businesses, but said it stemmed from some kind of addiction.

"It's a pretty common theme that we've seen," Budreau said.

Budreau added the brothers were not responsible for the early morning Jan. 2 armed robbery at the Purple Parrot in Medford. Investigators initially linked that robbery with the others. Now they say that suspect was described as Latino, around 5 feet, 6 inches tall with medium to thick build, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black mask and dark pants.

— Ryan Pfeil