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Father of murdered daughter dies of self-inflicted gunshot

RIDDLE — Less than a year after a suspect was acquitted of killing his daughter following a high-profile trial, Marty Condon shot himself Wednesday night. Efforts to revive him by emergency responders failed and he was pronounced dead at his home.

Douglas County sheriff's detectives are investigating the death of Condon, 53, and have not revealed the circumstances of the shooting.

Condon's wife, 47-year-old Christine Condon, called 9-1-1 at 11:15 p.m. Wednesday and said her husband had shot himself and needed medical aid.

Deputies and other responders who came to the home in the 2800 block of Canyonville Riddle Road performed CPR on Marty Condon.

Stephanie Condon was a 14-year-old Riddle High School student who went missing from a Tri City home. Her remains were found in Glide in 2009.

The only suspect in Stephanie Condon's disappearance and death, Dale Wayne Hill, was acquitted in April of murder and kidnapping.

On Thursday, yellow crime tape roped off the Condon home as sheriff's detectives, aided by Roseburg police, investigated the shooting.

Authorities have not characterized the shooting as either a suicide or an accident.

Yellow ribbons have long been associated with the Condon home. Yellow ribbons were used by family and friends to remind the public she was missing during the 11-year search for her body. An empty chair adorned with a yellow ribbon at the Riddle High School graduation ceremony in 2002 marked her place with her classmates.

After Hill was acquitted, Marty Condon said he and his wife were "beyond devastated," but said they found comfort in knowing her remains could finally be laid to rest.

Marty Condon told media then that they were disappointed in the verdict and the justice system as a whole.

"Obviously, we let Stephanie down in a big way," he said. "We didn't do justice for Stephanie. Stephanie was just so full of life. She just knew what she was doing. Her brain was going to take her places." Despite disappointment at the verdict, the couple praised the investigation by local authorities.

Marty Condon was a Gulf war veteran and served for 20 years in the Navy as a cryptographer during the Cold War.

Roseburg News-Review reporter DD Bixby can be reached at 541-957-4218 or dbixby@nrtoday.com.