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Phoenix will provide water to neighborhood

Customers of the Charlotte Anne Water District who reside inside Phoenix city limits will become customers of the city water system on Oct. 1.

Affected residents, who live along Cheryl Lane, Rose Street and Bolz Road, have been living inside city limits for years but water service was not extended when it should have taken place along with annexation, city attorney Kurt Knudsen said last week.

For affected residents, water rates could be as much as double or more, but city officials say it's only fair for all city residents have the same water rates and for the city to have control of infrastructure inside city limits.

One of the few remaining private water districts in the region, Charlotte Ann Water District was created to provide water for rural areas.

The issue was a tough one for city officials because customers being served by Charlotte Ann, but living inside city limits, enjoyed years of paying water bills that were smaller, by half or better, than other city residents' bills.

While the move is not expected to boost revenues for the city for quite some time, it is estimated eventually to add about $60,000 per year to water fund coffers, city officials say.

Councilwoman Carolyn Bartell, who lives in the affected area, said the decision was difficult to make during tough economic times, but was a necessary evil.

"We didn't want to see the rates have to go up so high but it was a long time coming in order for those residents to completely be part of the city," Bartell said. "We're totally surrounded by the city and it just makes operation of the city water department more uniform.

Dale Sauer, a board member for Charlotte Anne Water District and also a resident inside the affected area, said the city's decision was discouraging for affected residents, many of whom never wanted to be annexed into the city.

— Buffy Pollock