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February 12, 1913

The contested strip of European Turkey presents a pastoral scene compared to the road strip on the south line of W.J. Boosey Ranch just north of Jacksonville. The Turks and the killed Christians have an occasional armistice, but "grim visaged war hath never smoothed her wrinkled front" on the Boosey Road strip since hostilities opened about a decade ago.

When the government made its original survey of that section, by some engineering misadventure, it left a strip of land about 17 feet wide and worth about 17 cents between what is now the Boosey tract and the Amos Nicholson tract and the battle for the title to this strip has been grimly waged in every court of competent jurisdiction in Oregon to say nothing of the appeals on the part of Boosey, to the secretary of state, the governor, the commissioner of the general land office, secretary of the interior, surveyor general, attorney general, the various presidents since McKinley, a full line of British consuls, Queen Victoria and Kings Ed and George.

Boosey's appeal to the mother country was based upon a claim unalienated intelligence to the crown, but upon a showing that Boosey had participated in various Oregon elections, besides serving on a grand jury, the king refused to dispatch a fleet of his war vessels up the Rogue to maintain the status quo of his erstwhile subject, and Boosey after a futile appeal to Judge Colt has just put one over that threatens to embroil the county, the present owner of the contested strip, with Uncle Sam.

Boosey's latest trump play is to put a United States mailbox squarely in the middle of the roadway so as to block the use of the road to teams, the road being the contested strip.