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Vegan Reading

Eating for healing, energy, detoxification and "love" of food are the tenets of two new, plant-based cookbooks published by local authors.

Classes and events are planned to complement "The Cleanse Companion Cookbook" and "For the Love of Eating," both released in November and available at Ashland Food Co-op, Bloomsbury Books and Amazon.com. Both books also support the local teaching efforts of natural-foods chefs.

Chef Jeff Hauptman co-wrote "The Cleanse Companion Cookbook" with Ashland naturopathic physician Bonnie Nedrow. "For the Love of Eating" is the first book by cooking instructor and private chef Roanne Lewis.

"It's just putting your health in your own hands," says Lewis, a Talent resident and nutrition counselor at Morningstar Healing Arts in Ashland.

Her self-published, 280-page book contains more than 250 recipes that she describes as "macrobiotic," "dairy-free," "meat-free," "egg-free" and "wheat-free." Buzzwords aside, she says the concept is to support the body's ability to stay healthy through food.

"It all means the same thing," she says. "It's all whole."

Calling their 70 recipes "hypoallergenic," Hauptman and Nedrow devised their book — initially self-published — to complement seasonal cleansing programs at Ashland's Hidden Springs Wellness Center. The 130-page manual was picked up for publication last summer by Ashland's White Cloud Press.

"It's been doing better than we expected," says publisher Steve Scholl. "It seems like half of Ashland is doing these cleanses."

But Hauptman is quick to clarify that "The Cleanse Companion Cookbook" is "so much more than a detoxification book." The recipes — none containing animal-derived ingredients — can be incorporated into diet plans for heart health, managing diabetes and easing symptoms of chronic disease.

"I make them all for myself," says the Ashland chef and caterer. "I'm always cooking beans; I'm always cooking grains."

The diet — with daily exercise — helped Hauptman shed the 50 pounds he packed on over 25 years of working and eating in restaurants, and normalized his blood sugar, which had risen to prediabetic levels. His recipes are versatile, with an emphasis on using herbs and spices and "eating the rainbow" of fresh produce.

For the past four years, Hauptman has been teaching at Ashland Food Co-op. His next Co-op class, planned for Feb. 26, features recipes from "The Cleanse Companion Cookbook." Food samples will be available at Hauptman's and Newdrow's book signings from 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19, at the Co-op and from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 28, at the Medford library Community Meeting Room, 205 S. Central Ave.

Lewis also plans to provide samples and sign copies of "For the Love of Eating," from 7 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 28, at Bloomsbury Books in downtown Ashland. She says future cooking classes will be at Medford Food Co-op in April and Ashland Food Co-op in May.

In addition to providing "Roanne's renditions of the classics," Lewis' book opens with a "How to Cook" section that guides newcomers to whole foods through the process of setting up their kitchens, stocking their pantries with the necessary ingredients and presoaking recipes' beans, grains, nuts and seeds. A glossary defines unfamiliar foods and trouble-shoots some techniques. More information is available at www.roannelewis.com

Try these recipes from "For the Love of Eating" and "The Cleanse Companion Cookbook." Each book costs $14.95.

Reach Food Editor Sarah Lemon at 541-776-4487 or email slemon@mailtribune.com.

Local cooking instructor and author Roanne Lewis prepares pressed salad and pasta with 'Italian Sauce,' both featured in her book, 'For the Love of Eating.' See the accompanying recipes. - Mail Tribune / Bob Pennell