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February 28, 1913

Chief Hittson of the Medford police force today announced that he had appointed a motorcycle cop to trail speeding autos in the city and bring them to time. The new officer will go on duty at once.

The identity of the new cop is not disclosed in order that he may follow autos without the drivers knowing of it. His cycle is equipped with a standard speedometer, which will support testimony regarding speed.

"Speeding in the city is not as prevalent as it was," stated the chief today, "but once in a while chronic speeders touch it up a bit. This has got to stop."


The city jail was jammed with 13 floaters this morning, the night police taking them off through trains looking for a gang which broke into a box car on the way south and stole a large quantity of merchandise. The men locked up would admit nothing in regard to the theft and after a sweating were told to hit the ties on the southbound route.

The city has been remarkably free of Weary Willies during the past month or two, the police keeping a close tab on strangers drifting in on foot or on the roads. Leave down or work in the mandate of the police — and they have.


Saturday will be a great day for the kiddies at the Ugo theatre. The management of the popular little West Side theater have announced that they have sold their matinee Saturday afternoon to a citizen of Medford, who does not wish his identity disclosed, for the sole purpose of entertaining the children of the city. Every child under 15 years of age will be admitted free as the guest of the gentleman.

The program is one that will appeal to the children as well as grown-ups. A two-reel Pathe feature, "The Great Steeplechase" depicts a startling race from start to finish and is full of action. A splendid comedy has been provided as well as a drama. The show will entertain the children, so let them come. Matinee starts at 2:30 p.m.