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March 4, 1913

WASHINGTON, March 4 — When Vice President Thomas R. Marshall rode down Pennsylvania Avenue after taking the oath of office in the Senate chamber of the Capitol in Washington today, a Medford boy carried the guidon of the troop of cavalry which acted as his personal escort. Charles Curtis Anderson, son of Bert Anderson, is quartermaster sergeant in the famous Black Horse Troop of Culver, Indiana, which organization was accorded the honor of forming the first vice president escort ever seen on Pennsylvania Avenue since the inaugural parade became a feature of the ceremonies attending the installation of each new administration. Young Anderson is a trooper at Culver where he is a member of the junior class.

The Culver Black Horse Troop is composed of the most proficient horsemen of the cavalry department of the Culver Military Academy. The young men who accorded this high honor have been carefully trained after the manner of the regular cavalry service.