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March 22, 1913

The grand jury, which has been in session all week, will adjourn this afternoon, at which time it is predicted that the indictments will be returned against 10 Medford saloonists on charge of selling liquor to minors. Rumor has it that the indictments will include every hotel, the Manhattan Cafe, which is managed by George F. Millar, and most of the other saloonists of the city.

Many of the witnesses who testified are said to be members of the National Guard and it is claimed that their testimony was at first directed against Councilman Millar, who has opposed the armory. The grand jury, however, questioned them on other points and took evidence against the other places at the same time. City Attorney Boggs is said to have been instrumental in getting the evidence.


Meno Davis, star witness for the prosecution in the case brought by Mayor Eifert and City Attorney Boggs against George F. Millar, councilman from the Third Ward, will probably be arrested on a complaint by Ernest Reinking, a minor, for selling liquor. Davis is said to have carried a pint flask of whiskey to Reinking and sold it to him for 25 cents.

It is reported that Davis has sold considerable liquor to minors heretofore and that his sudden spring into the limelight in connection with the Millar case brought about his own arrest.

While Councilman Millar has nothing to do with the proposed arrest of Davis, it is reported that Millar had a score of witnesses waiting to impeach Davis' testimony and sworn that he was not only unreliable but that he had been mixed up in several disreputable escapades in connection with the Royal Rooming house and the sale of liquor to minors.