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April 30, 1913

Harry Snyder of Eagle Point is suffering from a gunshot wound in the calf of his leg inflicted yesterday after a boy companion accidentally discarged a .22-caliber rifle, the bullet hitting Snyder. The wound was probed by Dr. Holt but the missile was not recovered.

Snyder left Sunday afternoon for a short hunt in a nearby field. A young boy accompanied him with a .22 rifle. The boy was cautioned about handling the gun, but in spite of this the accident occurred as Snyder was opening a gate.

Snyder refused to prosecute the boy, stating that the injury was due entirely to an accident.


Lewis Ulrich of Jacksonville has been recommended by Senators Chamberlain and Lane for appointment as postmaster at Jacksonville. It is believed that he will be appointed to the position.

Mr. Ulrich is well-known in the county. Last fall he was the Democratic candidate for county treasurer. Although he made practically no effort in the way of a campaign he came near being elected. He has been a resident of Jacksonville for years.




The Most Popular Car in the Valley

You can talk about automobiles, but when you are through talking and begin to investigate the qualities and service, you will finally settle on


Do not believe all you hear but investigate for yourself — go to the different repair shops and see if you see anyone spending any money on an Overland. I have sold over 50 Overlands during the 14 months I have been in Medford and not a single one has had a replacement of any of the working parts of the car — neither has the owner spent a single dollar for repairs. This is an absolute fact and can be proven by investigation.

This is an unequaled record for the Rogue River Valley and surely is worth something to the man buying a car. If you want to buy a car with all the modern equipment, I have them also and it is an Overland. Any mechanic, after investigating, will tell you that we have the best Self-Starter on the market anywhere. Investigate the car, investigate the man selling them, investigate my methods of selling and the service I give to owners of cars; then inquire of owners of other cars as to how they have been taken care of, and I will abide by your decision.

If there were better cars made for the money, I would be selling them, for I have been offered the agency of nearly every car on the market.