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App Finder: Best gluten-free apps

Are you gluten-free or looking to be? These apps could be for you. They let you know what's gluten-free in stores, restaurants and home recipes.

This app allows users to view local business reviews and look at gluten-free menus from local and chain restaurants. Users also can get directions and call businesses directly from the app.

Free for iOS and Android.


This is designed for "those with gluten sensitivities, celiac disease or anyone wanting more information on gluten-free products or leading a gluten-free lifestyle."

The app includes more than 14,800 verified gluten-free products from more than 360 brands, including private-label grocery store brands. The app also includes a searchable ingredients tab that designates safe, unsafe and possibly unsafe ingredients.

$7.99 for iOS.


This app tells you what does or doesn't have gluten at ethnic restaurants around the world. You can look at menus and see what's in the dishes at Chinese, French, Indian, Italian, Mexican and Thai restaurants.

$4.99 for iOS and Android (on Android, it's called Gluten Free Restaurant Foods)


This app is exactly what it sounds like — a recipe database of gluten-free dishes. You can search the 1,000 recipes by name, ingredient and more.

Free for Android.


App Finder: Best gluten-free apps