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November 6, 1913

November 6, 1913

Dick Donald, manager of Bud Anderson, arrived in Medford Thursday morning from San Francisco for a ten days' visit. Bud went to Vancouver to trade his Buick car for a 1914 model and will be here in a week.

Donald says that Bud will be matched to fight Frankie Burns on Thanksgiving and that everything is fixed but Promoter Griffin's end of it.

Dick says Bud can make 133 with ease and that the Azevedo overweight was due to a bad cold, super-induced by a carpenter failing to shingle the roof of the training quarters as fast as he agreed. Then a doctor ordered Bud to take twelve pills with twelve glasses of water daily, and this added weight faster than he could take it off. Bud weighed 137 a week before the battle, and there he remained.

L.D. Dollarhide, owner of the toll road over the Siskiyous, was in conference with the county court Thursday relative to the proposed purchase of the road by the county, but his proposition was rejected.

Dollarhide asks $300 a year for each of the 16 years he has operated the road, or $4,800. A half mile of the road is needed in the Pacific Highway, and if no agreement can be reached the condemnation proceedings will be instituted by the county court.

There has been no annual report of business transacted filed by Dollarhide, in accordance to the law. He admits his profits this year were $500, but that this is the first time the project paid. Three years ago he offered to sell the road to the county for $2,500.

Five precincts — Barron, Lake Creek, Flounce Rock, Meadows and Union up to this afternoon have failed to report the returns of the referendum election Tuesday (Nov. 4, 1913), but are expected to arrive in time for the official count which is scheduled to begin this morning by County Clerk Gardner. These districts will make no change in the result as the vote was small. The workmen's compensation act was the most popular measure. Watkins, the precinct that voted 29 to 0 against the bond issue relented somewhat and split on the U of O repair bill 18 to 9.