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Multiple gunshots killed Medford man, jury told

A Siskiyou County prosecutor told a jury Monday that a Medford woman killed her husband in 2012 in a hail of bullets from a semi-automatic pistol while he was sleeping.

After a week of jury selection, the trial of Patricia MacCallum got under way Monday morning in Siskiyou County Superior Court. She is charged with murder in the shooting death of her husband, Michael Christopher MacCallum, in November 2012 at an Applegate Creek campground.

The body of Michael MacCallum, 34, who worked in Medford as a bartender and as a driver for Checker Cab, was found Nov. 20 of that year at the base of a cliff in the area just south of the Oregon-California border after family members had reported him missing.

Both prosecutor Joe Allison and defense attorney William Duncan gave opening statements Monday, laying out the general course of testimony and evidence for the jurors.

Allison, speaking first, said that MacCallum, 27, executed her husband by firing eight or nine .40-caliber bullets into his body with a semi-automatic pistol while he was sleeping in a tent.

According to Allison, the prosecution's case will be laid out for the jury in the order the evidence was discovered, so they will understand what investigating officers knew, when they knew it and what they were thinking at the time. He said he believes testimony and evidence will show that MacCallum had made statements showing her intent to kill her husband and that she followed through with that intent.

Duncan, however, said no one is contesting that Michael MacCallum was killed by gunshots. He said the testimony and cross examination will reveal that the killing occurred when Patricia MacCallum was not present.

In addition, he said, the jury will be asked to consider whether a key witness' testimony was influenced by an offer of a reduced sentence.

That witness, Amber Lubbers, 27, of Medford, pleaded guilty in March in Siskiyou County Superior Court to one count of being an accessory after the fact. She was sentenced to 16 months in prison, but was released after eight months, receiving time off for good behavior and because of time served prior to her sentencing.

Police said Lubbers, also of Medford, was at the scene at the time of the murder and helped to cover up the evidence. MacCallum and Lubbers, who are step-sisters, were arrested Dec. 7, 2012

Prosecutors have said Lubbers testimony will be a key portion of their case. They previously said they would not make a plea deal with Patricia MacCallum.

This story includes background information from the Mail Tribune.