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November 20, 1913

November 20, 1913

Bids for paving the Medford-Central Point road were altogether too high in the opinion of the state highway engineer and members of the county court, and this fact caused the rejection of all bids Thursday. Before bidders asked again the survey of the Ashland-Medford road will have been completed and bids be called for on the entire strip from Ashland to Central Point.

SALEM, Ore., Nov. 20. — Declaring that the restrictions of the constitution must govern legislative intent, the supreme court today held that the workmen's compensation law is not operative until June 30, next year. this applies to the insurance features.

Employers can contribute to the industrial accident fund before this date, but no injured employee can receive benefits therefrom prior to that time.

The decision dismissed a writ of mandamus applied for by the hospital to compel the secretary of state to audit a claim contracted with it by the industrial commission.

Ad Wolgast, former lightweight champion of the world, still retains his title as champion check stopper. For the second time in six months the Michigan wild cat has renigged on business deals and nipped Shorty Miles and Mose Barkdull.

The first of the week he sent a check from Cadillac, Mich. for $3,500 on his $17,000 purchase of the Heath ranch at Brownsboro, and then wired local banks stopping payment. His first payment on the ranch of $1,000 was cash in hand, and the pugilist could not recall it. If Wolgast ever shows in Oregon, papers in a civil suit will be served upon him.

Upon the authority of Wolgast, Miles and Barkdull made purchases of material for the ranch totaling nearly $1000 and by virtue of the ex-king's peculiar methods are out that amount.