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Dentist opens Ashland practice

Dentist Brandon White, a 2007 graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry, is opening a practice in Ashland.

White previously worked with other dentists in Medford and Grants Pass.

Now he's ready to go out on his own.

White Dental Studio, at 727 N. Main St., is taking shape, and the Midwest native anticipates moving in late February or early March.

"There wasn't a dental practice close to the hospital — and really not one at all on this end of town," White said. "It's an area of town that hasn't been served in a very long time."

White first worked with Medford dentist Tamara Abbett after arriving in Southern Oregon and most recently practiced alongside John Price on East Main Street.

"One of the big priorities for dentists coming out of school and entering professional life is to have their own practice, or find a group of colleagues they are comfortable practicing with," White said. "But the costs of schooling and business keeps people from doing that right away. Most of my classmates married and started having kids right away. That keeps you from opening a practice or purchasing one right away."

In White's case, he's had a chance to figure out where he could build his own practice and develop a clientele.

"You have to explore what's around and figure out if the community you're in is where you want to live."

White is a member of the Eco Dentistry Association, which has three other Oregon members in Beaverton, Oregon City and Portland. The organization's members are committed to reducing waste and pollution at their practices; conserving water and energy; using leading-edge dental technology; and fostering wellness lifestyles.

He figures Ashland is a good fit.

S&B James Construction is remodeling the building, which is leased through Commercial Property Management, with energy-efficiency in mind.

Although the practice is scheduling appointments, the starting date may require time changes, he noted.

— Greg Stiles