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January 17, 1914

Advertisement: Do you realize how important a question it is as to what concern cleans your clothing? Did you know that 90 per cent of the cleaners take your clothing and clean it in the most filthy gasoline. That clothing is from people who have all sorts of diseases. This is one of the most dangerous things that can exist. Just stop and consider for a minute. Do you want your clothing cleaned in such a way? They are being cleaned that way unless you send them to a first class place. You perhaps don't understand why. You have been kept in ignorance as to the facts. Demand that you be shown how and where your work is being done. You have a right to know. The cleaning business is one of the most abused lines of trade there is, and if the public knew half about how their clothing was handled the whole country would be shocked. We merely bring these facts to your attention so you can form your own conclusion as to where you should have your work down. Ninety per cent of these so-called cleaning places only have a 5-gallon can of gasoline, and it is made to clean perhaps 20 to 30 pieces. Could you wash that many pieces of clothing in that much water? No, of course not. Nor can you wash that many in 5 gallons of gasoline. We want to show the public that we have no secrets. Come and see for yourself and you will find one of the most sanitary plants that can be found anywhere.

We have a capacity of 1,150 gallons of gasoline and no suit or garment is cleaned with less than 150 to 200 gallons. This is absolutely true and the work can only be properly done under no less amount.

Every drop of gasoline we use we re-distill thereby making it as pure as it was before it was used. We use no acids to settle gasoline like the hand cleaner. Sulphuric acid is one of the most harmful things to goods there is.

Just a word on what machinery it takes to clean clothing properly. Washers, extractors, distillers, power driven pumps, dry tumblers, glove dryers, hot rooms, steam boards and many other things, all of which will be found in our modern plant.

Watch our windows for demonstration showing the actual amount of dirt we extract from the average suit of clothes. Send your clothes to the most sanitary plant on the coast. We guarantee our work and if you are not satisfied we will refund your money.

We extend to you a hearty welcome to visit our plant and works at First and North Grape. Office and finishing department 132 W. Main. Phone 244.