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January 18, 1914

January 18, 1914

Phebia Witherill, stepdaughter of Arthur (Bill) Walsh, was married in the county clerk's office at Jacksonville this morning by Justice Dox to Tom Hampton, held to the grand jury on a statutory charge against the girl now his wife. The ceremony means that the charge will be dismissed, as the law grants that a wife is not bound to testify against her husband. It also precludes the possibility of Phebia going to the reform school.

The couple were to have been wedded Thursday, but Mrs. Sallie Walsh, the mother, changed her mind about giving her consent at the last minute. Last night she changed her mind and this morning kissed the groom when the knot was tied.

Hampton was known as and was arrested under the name of Witt, but in the application for the marriage license gave it as Hampton. The developments today will have no balm of Gilead to the souls of rival suitors for the hand of Phebia, and who have been active in securing evidence against him.

The affairs of the heart of Phebia have been tempestuous. Last summer a man by the name of Rice committed suicide for love of her. Her age is as much a problem as Ann's. Friends of the family say she is 20, the family Bible says 15.

Henry Boyden, autoist and member of the Southern Oregon Automobile Association will be arrested upon complaint filed by Prosecutor Kelly this afternoon, charged with violation of the state auto tax law. Mr. Boyden is the "goat" in the test case, will be put in jail, and habeas corpus proceedings instituted to secure his release by W.I. Vawter, attorney for the auto association. This step permits delving into every angle and phase of the case.

The principal contentions in the suit embraces the constitutionality of the law taxing autos upon the ground that it is a double taxation, inasmuch as the machines are assessed by the county. The prosecution will hold that it is a police regulation.

The same law has been declared illegal in other states. Douglas, Josephine and Klamath County autoists are planning to follow the lead of Jackson County in contesting the law.