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100 years ago in the Mail Tribune

To the Editor:

Just a few lines to let you know the whereabouts of Medford's ex-impressario.

I intend to remain in this city for some time and should I be fortunate to accumulate, acquire or grab enough of the filthy lucre I shall return to my old home, Medford, Oregon, to invest my ill gotten gains for an apple orchard or ranch with Mose Barkdull, a la "Ad Wolgast, the run-out kid," or still better, I may apply to the city dads meeting or Doc Keene for a franchise to run an airship line between Medford and Jacksonville in competition with Bill Barnum's limited.

Texas is in a pretty fair condition, and I really think there may be some opportunities here for me in the boxing game.

State law on all saloons closing at 9:30 p.m. and no liquor can be sold anywhere after that hour. That means some distinguished Medfordites could not reside here.

After having traveled a few thousand miles and visiting such cities as Weed, Millpitas, Petaluma and Juarez, Mexico, I more than ever have the utmost confidence in the Rogue River valley's future and want to impress upon its citizens that Frankie Edwards will always be with the big boost for Medford when and wherever the opportunity presents itself. Amen!

Yours, FRANKIE EDWARDS ... Dallas, Texas, Jan. 13

Note: Page 1A for the Jan. 19, 1914, issue of the Mail Tribune was apparently not archived, so we chose an inside page from that day to display.