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January 23, 1914

Six feet of snow is reported at Sisson and seven to ten feet cover the Siskiyous. Weed and the surrounding country witnessed the worst storm of any place recorded.

The California-Oregon Power Company experienced a heavy loss, caused by the hard sleet storm. Three miles of high tension line was put out of commission. The heavy weight, combined with the hard wind, caused a number of fifty-foot cedar poles to be broken off at the surface of the ground.

Weed was without lights, telephone or telegraph service of any kind Sunday, owing to what is said by old residents to be the heaviest storm in years. Snow that started falling Friday afternoon turned to rain and froze.

A wagon bridge was washed out at Dunsmuir owing to the raising of the Sacramento River.


Members of the new city council are considering plans for the adoption of a new system of purchasing supplies for the various departments instead of the present plan of parniscious buying and will be the first step in the economy policy of the administration. The purchasing will be put under one head.

At present buying is at random and liberal, the only record being its apearance, with an O.K. to the finance committee the first of each month for payment. Investigation into several bills has shown supplies were bought and paid for, though none of the department heads knew what it was for or who used it. To regulate the buying, an auditing system as recommended by Professor Sowers of the U of O municipal bureau will be installed.

City employees, under present conditions, do not repair tools such as welding broken picks, splicing ropes, etc., but instead buy new tools when a little labor and mechanical ingenuity would make the old serviceable. Data will also be kept on stamps, stationery and office supplies.

The council is proceeding on the theory of one iron in the fire at a time, and will adjust conditions concerning finances before taking up the matter of new appointments.