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Mail Tribune 100: January 30, 1914

War clouds that have been hovering over the R.W. Kinder household on Griffin Creek for the last year, according to their own story, broke this morning when Mr. Kinder tried to whip his 18-year-old son, Owen, and was jabbed in the neck with a pitchfork by Mrs. Kinder.

The entire family, man, wife and four children, then raced to Prosecutor Kelly's office to air their grievances, in which the following incrimination, recriminations, charges and counter-charges were made:

That the father and the son had threatened to "shoot each other's hearts out with a Winchester."

That the mother forced the son, Owen, to kneel in bedtime prayer with the threat "to brain him with a stick of stovewood."Owen accused his father of using language casting reflection on his birth, and his father charged the son with unnatural acts.

That Owen broke his father's arm during a fight last fall.

The husband accused the wife of infidelity and challenged Attorney Canaday to a street fight, upon the allegation that he had threatened to whip him.

Attorney Canaday warned Kinder to be careful with his language.

Prosecutor Kelly threatened to throw the "whole caboodle" out of his office unless revolutionary talk ceased.

The husband accused the wife of sending pie and watermelons to Attorney Canaday, while papers in a divorce suit were being drawn up, and was corroborated by his son, Marion.

The wife accused her mate of taking the "nuts off a spring wagon to prevent her coming to town this morning," and earlier in the week prevented the sale of a cow to Ray Toft.

That the entire alphabet of profanity and blasphemy was directed at the family and that Kinder taught his five-year-old daughter to swear.

That Prosecutor Kelly told Mrs. Kinder that "if her husband had lived twenty years with her he was entitled to the sympathy of the community."

The husband declared that he "still thought lots of his wife," but could neither live with or without her."