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January 31, 1914

News from Ashland and vicinity:

Sam Hill and Major H.L. Bowlby arrived in Ashland Friday evening and stopped at Hotel Oregon. Mr. Hill says he just stopped off in Jackson county to visit the people because he likes them. "Jackson county is the most progressive county in the state and the people will realize upon that fact for the reason that it is regarded in that light," remarked the leading road builder of North America. He joined his family who passed through Ashland Saturday morning on the Shasta Limited for Santa Barbara. Both gentlemen arrived in the valley on the Shasta Limited Friday morning.

Major Bowlby, state engineer, and J.W. Sweeney, who took the contract for Keasel & McDowell for the grading of the county highway over the Siskiyous met in Ashland Saturday to consult over the work in hand. Sweeney takes the contract at the same figures. Sweeney has a splendid outfit at Portland and is amply able to put it through he built the Tillamook branch of the Southern Pacific. He will begin operations soon as it is believed that weather conditions are settled in the Siskiyous for this winter.

The basketball game between Ashland and Corvallis high school teams Friday evening was attended by a rousing audience. The score was 55 to 14 in favor of Corvallis.

The Return game will be played Saturday evening. A girls' game will be introduced as a preliminary.


After holding regional bank hearings in Seattle and Portland, Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo and Secretary of Agriculture Houston passed through Medford at 4 o'clock this afternoon in the private car "National," on Southern Pacific train No. 15. They were greeted by a number of Medford citizens and given Rogue River valley fruit.

An elaborate banquet in their honor was held at the Comercial club at Portland last night, attended by prominent bankers and businessmen of Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Both cabinet members spoke briefly, explaining their new currency system and expressing their sincere purpose and that of the president to effect its successful inauguration and operation.

Secretary McAdoo declared that as a result of the currency bill the United States never again will see a financial panic.