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February 3, 1914

Construction work was resumed on the Pacific highway right of way over the Siskiyous Tuesday by Chris Natwick and a force of ten men, who are grubbing and clearing the brush.

Within a week a large camp will be established and there will be plenty of work for all the idle men of Jackson County.


Governor West was the principal speaker at the dedication of the Ashland armory Monday and seized the occasion to explain the Copperfield saloon closing incident. He was roundly applauded.

Judge C.B. Watson presided. Brief talks were made by Mayor Johnson. Colonel Martin of the army and Colonel Hammond of the militia and Rev. J.S. Smith "waved the bloody shirt" in eloquent fashion.


C.D. Babcock, a member of the State Industrial Accident Commission, is in Medford compiling statistics regarding industries that will be affected by the Workmen's Compensation Act. He states that the new law is very favorably regarded by the great majority of the employers affected and the act promises to be a gratifying success.

Discussing the law and its workings Mr. Babcock said:

"The law became effective immediately after the November election in so far as the organization of the commission was concerned. The insurance features of the act, however, do not become operative until July 1, 1914.

"The law provides for the creation of the industrial Accident Fund, to be made up by contributions from employers, workmen and the state.

"Two classes of occupation are defined in the act and are designated as classes A and B. In class A the rate of payment by the employer to three per cent and by the employee by one-half of one per cent. In Class B, the employer pays one and one-half per cent, and the employee one fourth of one per cent. In class A both the employer and the workmen are entitled to exemption when the individual employer has to his credit three percent of his annual pay roll and no accidents have occurred in his plant; while under Class B the amount required to be maintained by the employer in the accident fund is one and one half percent of the payroll.