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February 4, 1914

Girls under 18 years of age, out after curfew hours, and fair members of joy-riding parties, must show the written consent of parents and a statement of their ages, by virtue of a police order promulgated by Chief of Police Hittson this morning. This applies to attendance at picture shows, dances and other public places unless accompanied by parents or guardians. The patrolmen have been instructed to strictly enforce the order.

Cigar dealers were warned this afternoon against selling tobacco to minors, and the section of the state law against boys under 21 years smoking in public places or on the streets will be invoked. Many youths when halted after curfew hours maintain that they are 21. Hereafter, they must show a written statement from their parents. The law does not protect the sons of fathers who allow them to smoke.

Instructions were also issued to arrest all participants in "crap games," including the proprietor of the place, without the formality of a warning.

The committee from the civics section of the Greater Medford Club, which met with the city council last night, asked, among other things, that the sidewalk ordinance be enforced, compelling property owners to build sidewalks at street crossings out flush with the curbing. There are a number of such places in every part of the city, and these crossings during the rainy season become veritable mud holes. Mud tracked up the sidewalk, from such a crossing came near causing the city a heavy damage suit a short time ago, a well-known citizen having slipped and fallen, receiving serious injuries.

The plea of the city council that there is no money to be used for this or any other not absolutely necessary expense is, we have no doubt, true. But on West Eleventh Street some enterprising citizens have laid down two short pieces of board across these mud holes that have more than likely saved some serious accidents, perhaps even a life, as the mud tracked upon the sidewalks is very treacherous during the rains.