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Mail Tribune 100: February 8, 1914

E.R. Bunce, who has been foreman of the Covey Motor Car company's work shops in Portland for the past three years, has arrived in Medford to take charge of the Crater Lake Motor Car company's new garage on South Fir Street, adjoining Hotel Moore. Mr. Bunce is considered by Portland automobilists to be a mechanic of the highest ability and thoroughly understands the mechanism of modern cars.

Beginning on the first Saturday in March between the hours of two and three p.m. and every Saturday thereafter at the same time, Mr. Bunce will deliver lectures and give demonstrations to the automobile owners of Jackson County.

The object of this is to make the automobile owners better acquainted with the mechanism of their own cars. An automobile owner may have all the confidence in the world while driving his car around the valley, but when it comes to driving over the mountains on trips of several weeks duration he does not feel equal to the occasion. Especially when away from garages and repair shops.

This new innovation will be of inestimable value to the automobile public. The Crater Lake Motor Car company's new garage is fireproof and up to date in every respect.


Advertisement: Crater Lake Motor Car Co. will be open for business in their new garage at 16-18 South Fir Street on Monday, Feb. 9. We are agents for the world's standard Cadillac automobile.

We have the most complete workshop between Portland and Sacramento.

Mr. Bunce, who is one-half owner and manager, has been foreman of the largest repair shop in Portland for the past three years and thoroughly understands modern automobiles.

Our work is guaranteed to give satisfaction.

Our work will be done with promptness and dispatch.

Our business will be run on a cash basis. We do not want good accounts to pay for bad accounts. If you are good it will save you money. If you are bad, it will save us money. We can give you better prices by doing a cash business. The statistics are that 90% of the garages go broke doing a credit business.

We have an up-to-date garage. Repair work will be our specialty.

Our garage is located at the rear of Hotel Moore, main entrance South Fir Street.

We will sell our gasoline at 25 cents per gallon.

Will carry the Enterprise, Monogram and Zerolene oils, also tires and inner tubes.