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Two honeymoon stories

After two military careers, we wanted to honeymoon somewhere neither of us had been — a Tahiti and Bora Bora idyll. From the palm frond-roofed cabanas over the lagoon, the views of the reefs and Gauguin colors of water and sky were awesome. We snorkeled with sharks, rays and exotic tropical fish. We boated to a secluded cove and lunched from a table in the lapping water while feeding the fish that swam up to our chairs begging for crumbs. It's French Polynesia, the food was exquisite. We'd ride into town, shop from the vendors to get fresh baguettes, local cheeses, patés and French wine.

— Kathryn Ekberg, via email

Our honeymoon was a cruise on a small sailing ship in the Caribbean. We went to explore some caves at the beach. The way through wasn't well marked. Jack told me to wait until he clarified the way. I didn't listen and went the wrong way, getting lost in the maze of caves. I kept screaming for help and began to panic when the tide started coming in. No one came. I truly believed I would drown. Finally, someone called out to me. I was scratched and bleeding, having climbed up big boulders to get higher up. I was rescued, but it wasn't easy inching my way along a narrow ledge to get to my rescuer. Imagine — losing your new wife on your honeymoon! I was the "talk of the ship" that evening. A truly wonderful honeymoon in 2006.

— Barbara Eckhardt, Phoenix

Two honeymoon stories