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February 10, 1914

February 10, 1914

The woes and tribulations of the R.W. Kinder family living on Griffin Creek occupied the attention of Circuit Judge F.M. Calkins Saturday afternoon in the divorce proceedings filed, following the sensational rampage a week ago in Prosecutor Kelly's office. The taking of testimony will be resumed Tuesday afternoon. Attorney Canaday represents Mrs. Kinder and Attorney Borden (represents) the husband.

The principal contention lies in the division of the property. The family has an estimated wealth of $25,000 consisting of farm land in Texas, Missouri and this county. Mrs. Kinder contends that this property was accumulated through inheritances left her by relatives, though when the deeds were made out Kinder is named as equal owner, though he put no cash into the purchases and the children are barred by the articles from inheriting any of the land should the mother die.

The case will be completed Tuesday and a decision is expected at once. Much interest is being manifested in the trial, and friends maintain they will never live apart even if a divorce is granted. Kinder told Prosecutor Kelly, "He could never live with, or without his wife."

Four motorcyclists have volunteered their services without pay to Chief of Police Hittson. Their duties will consist of catching the speed of fellow cyclists and autoists and report the machine's number to the police. Warnings had been issued to autoists against violations of the speed laws.

Some arrests are due for speeding on East Main Street. Autoists and in some cases demonstrators of new cars delight in seeing how fast they can scorch off the east incline of the bridge.

About a hundred unemployed men are in Medford and Ashland in the hopes of securing work on the construction of the Pacific Highway. About 75 laborers have arrived since Saturday, and for the most part have a few dollars in their pockets. They gathered around the Commercial Club this morning and were willing to accept any kind of work. For the most part they are substantial looking workers. Many owners of teams in the valley are figuring on securing work. State Highway Engineer Bowlby is due here Wednesday.