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February 11, 1914

J.G. Adams, the temperance evangelist of the Anti-Saloon league, addressed a street crowd of nearly a thousand Saturday afternoon. He is the most unique figure on the temperance platform today.

Sunday afternoon Superintendent R.P. Hutton and Field Secretary George N. Taylor spoke to an audience which compelled the bringing of extra chairs into the First M.E. (Methodist Episcopal) church. Mr. Taylor is a local man, owning a ranch here and having lived and worked here. He is not the Mr. Taylor who is handling the prohibition party work under its new pseudonym of "Out to Win."

The presence of these men here at this time is pure coincidence and they are not in any way connected with the "Out to Win" prohibition party movement. They are not circulating the yellow pledges which are pledges to vote the party ticket.

In common with the W.C.T.U. (Women's Christian Temperance Union) they are pushing the organization for Oregon dry. This is an initiated measure. No party has any connection with it. It is at the bottom of the ballot, separate from all the tickets, and it is not necessary for a voter to vote for the party or sign the yellow pledge in order to vote "Oregon dry."

Oregon is wet, said Mr. Hutton, because three-fifths of the males of voting age failed to vote on either side of the question in 1910. The Anti-Saloon league and the W.C.T.U. are preparing to get this stay-at-home vote to the polls. This county will soon be organized by them and pledges to go to the polls and vote circulated. But at a joint meeting in Portland both of these organizations pledged not to circulate the yellow "Out to Win" pledges of the prohibition party. It is planned to hold rallies in every schoolhouse and personally canvass every voter whose name is not on the last poll list.

The league men and the county executive committee of the W.C.T.U. are in conference this afternoon perfecting their plans. Their efforts will be spent principally on the stay-at-homes. The bad citizenship of the good people must be overcome. Nearly every stay-at-home is a dry at heart. Registration days will probably be planned for the purpose of getting women to register.