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Medford teachers' strike puts college credit for AP classes on hold

College credit for Advanced Placement classes at Medford high schools have been put on hold until the teachers' strike is over, Southern Oregon University officials say.

Medford AP teachers will have to demonstrate to the university that they can complete the material covered in their syllabuses before the end of the spring semester for their students to receive college credit.

"Once the strike is settled, we will ask the instructors at each class to provide information on how they are going to fully deliver that content," said Jeanne Stallman, executive director of outreach and engagement programs at SOU.

In the meantime, SOU is not processing Advanced Southern Credit registration from students at North and South Medford high schools but has processed registration for students from other high schools, Stallman said.

North and South Medford and other high schools offer advanced placement classes. Several of these classes also give students the option to earn college credits. But they must register for these credits at SOU at the start of the semester.

For an AP class to also be an ASC class, SOU professors must approve the high school teacher's syllabus and the teacher's credentials.

"If (the professors) find that there is congruence between the class in high school and the material presented on the college campus and the instructor is qualified to teach that, then they say, 'Yes, we'll award credit for that,' " Stallman said.

High school students pay $41 per credit, which is a quarter of the cost of an SOU credit, and most of the AP classes are four credits, Stallman said.

Currently, SOU is not processing the registration or cashing checks from students at North and South who are enrolled in this credit opportunity.

"Once we register a student for the class and take their tuition, it's difficult in our system to back that out," Stallman explained.

During the fall term, 13 North classes and seven South classes had the option for college credit, and SOU received 363 course registrations from North students and 105 course registrations from South students, Stallman said. This number is a "duplicate head count" as many students are registered for more than one of these classes, she said.

— Teresa Thomas