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North and South Medford high school students planning possible walkout

Students at North and South Medford high schools are planning to walk out of class Thursday morning if a contract settlement is not reached between the school district and teachers' union.

Basketball teams from the two rivalry schools came together today to express their frustration with the ongoing strike and after some discussion set in motion a plan to walk out of their classes at 8:35 a.m. Thursday.

North Medford High School Student Body President and basketball player Aaron Browne-Moore said the plan will be spread to students at both schools through social media.

Players from the boys and girls varsity basketball teams at North Medford High School and the from the girls varsity basketball team at South Medford High School attended the meeting.

A press conference involving the teams was organized by former North Medford High School softball coach Larry Binney. Once student-athletes finished expressing their concerns about the strike, they began to discuss the possibility of a walkout.

"Sitting in the hallways is just as beneficial as sitting in class for some of us," Browne-Moore said.

— Sam Wheeler