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New commenting system coming to MailTribune.com

The Mail Tribune is launching a new platform this week for reader comments that appear under online articles.

The new system will enable readers to log in and comment through a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn account. Anyone who wishes to make a comment must use one of those free, social media accounts.

When readers log in with one of these social networks, the new commenting platform provider — Viafoura — will ask for permission to connect the social network account to its platform.

The comment system is still separate from the log-in that gives subscribers and registered users access to online stories.

The new commenting system provides a variety of tools to help community members interact with one another and share opinions on local news and issues the Mail Tribune covers. Readers can "like" comments, share them on social networks or via email, and earn online badges for regular participation. They can sign up for email alerts to follow comment conversations they are engaged in and help watch out for objectionable content by flagging inappropriate comments. Moderators will review and remove such comments as necessary.

Comments posted under the previous system will continue to appear under past articles, but there will be a brief gap where some old comments will disappear during the transition period.