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April 15, 1914

Reductions of 10 percent in the salary of every teacher in the Medford public schools, and reaching even unto the janitors, was ordered by the school board at the regular meeting Tuesday evening. The cut will be effective at the beginning of the next school year, and means $450 a month, or $4,050 a year less in salaries. The economy affects every teacher from the superintendent to the primary grades. This policy has affected the purchase of supplies for the year, the buying being deferred to a later date.

The establishment of a junior high school, to embrace the seventh and eighth grades with a new course of studies and to be maintained in the Washington school, was left in the hands of a committee composed of Superintendent of Schools U.S. Collins, Principal Bowman, J.H. Cochran and Mrs. Hattie M. Gore of the school board. This would increase the efficiency of the schools and offer new inducements to pupils from the country.


Fred De Roboam was fined $25 and costs in the police court this morning for attempting to "shoot up" the home of his father on West Main Street Tuesday evening. Being from Nevada, it was perfectly proper for Mr. De Roboam to introduce wild west tactics into the domestic circle. The police say he threatened to exterminate the family — father, sister and brother-in-law — and was arrested by Chief Hittson and Officer Cingcade and locked in the cooler.

A belt full of cartridges and a brand-new revolver were found in his clothes, and the sight of the weapon was a complete and dumbfounding surprise to Mr. De Roboam. He said he could account for everything he owned but the gun, where it came from, or how it got in his pocket he knew not. When the police arrived members of the family were behind doors and under beds.