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Mail Tribune 100

May 19, 1914

"WRANGEL, Alaska, May 17 — Harold accidentally shot himself today. Wire disposition of body.


Deputy U.S. Marshall"

The above telegram was received Sunday night by E.G. Trowbridge of the Medford Iron Works, bearing the sad news that his son Harold, employed as an engineer for the gasoline launch at the Madden & Hanley cannery was accidentally shot and killed Sunday morning. Details are lacking but he and Houston Ling of this city, and other friends were on a hunting trip. The first message brought the bare news of the death. The second told meager details.

Harold, it is gathered from the second telegram, tripped while carrying a gun and the load struck him in the side, causing almost instant death.

Harold would have been 18 years of age in June. He was born at Roseburg, but has resided in Medford the past 10 years and was well known and popular. The news of his tragic death brought sorrow to scores and has prostrated his mother.

The remains will be shipped to Medford for burial.


But two of the seven persons arrested for alleged forgery operations were indicted by the grand jury Tuesday. Merle Reynolds and Don Wood were indicted for forgery, with recommendation to the court that they receive clemency because they intended to plead guilty. Both are young men. Not true bills were returned against Miss Nellie McIntyre of Independence, Ore., and J.K. Woods, the Owl organizer, both of whom are out on bail.

This afternoon the grand jury is making its regular investigation of county affairs and offices, County Clerk Gardner being called as the first witness.


Chief of Police Hittson issued orders this morning to all unsanitary places in the city to clean up at once or suffer arrest and prosecution under the law. People who know of unclean and unhealthy conditions are urged to make a report in person or by telephone to the police, and steps will be taken to force a clean up. Quite a number have shown an inclination to disregard clean up orders as new fangled ideas, and will be forced to obey the law.

The warm sunshine of the last week has caused an increase in the number of flies, many of the horse variety, who come to life from stable offal, and particular attention will be directed to barns, etc.

This is the second clean up order, the first being upon May 1. The resident district is reported to be in good shape, but not so much can be said of the downtown districts.