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To the Editor:

Saturday evening I was informed that several people hesitated about joining the Medford Rose Society because my rose garden, being larger than theirs, I would take all the prizes. I wish now to state that, although I will display my roses for the pleasure of those who may wish to see them, I will not compete for any of the prizes.

Very truly,



The damp weather yesterday somewhat dampened the Scandinavian mass meeting at Smith's hall, as far as the number in attendance was concerned, but not the enthusiasm. For nearly four solid hours the hard-headed and patient Vikings battled, good-natured, with their midsummer feast proportions.

Some earnest, patriotic speeches were made by John Arnell, Emil Andren, Dr. T. Malmgren and others. The former called attention to the fact that the Scandanavians had always proved to be the most loyal citizens to their new countries wherever they had settled, in Normandy or Oregon, and that this high standard had been maintained largely because they had retained their love and respect for religion and law and native lands. ...

It was decided to have a Scandinavian midsummer feast or picnic at Phoenix on Wednesday, June 24. Dr. T. Malmgren, Frank G. Anderson and J.L. Johnson were elected as a committee of arrangement, and instucted to select the picnic grounds, erect a May pole and supply the ice cream and lemonade. Professor Julius Beauregard was selected to have full charge of the musical program and he received a vote of thanks of the meeting for the great interest he had taken in promoting Scandinavian music in Medford.