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Mail Tribune 100

June 3, 1914

The most mysterious feature of the Rose Show is the identity of the donor of the artistic silver cup in the window of M.J. Reddy's jewelry store, which is offered as a prize for the best ten white roses of any name or variety. The cup is an example of the very latest and best in artistic design, but the honor remains concealed behind a wall of impenetrable mystery. It has been anonymously announced that the mysterious donor will be made public on Thursday, and dark suspicion points to certain prominent Southern Pacific officials as the source of knowledge, but "Rosy" has a bad cold and can't talk, and John M. Scott won't answer the phone. However, the awful secret will be exposed tomorrow, and meantime we have the cup.


The volunteer fire department situation today presents a wonderful lesson in "economics," with the members of the old fire-fighting brigade willing to return through the belief that the present paid department is handicapped by inefficient volunteers, and the city council fearful lest it put itself in a position to pay for a dozen phones, the volunteers may ask as a concession. A meeting of volunteers will be held today to discuss the matter.

After the bakery fire Tuesday morning, members of the old volunteers signified their intention of returning, being prompted by the difficulty encountered and the knowledge that some time lack would not play an important part in extinguishing blazes. John Butler of the Medford Furniture and Hardware company called upon the old volunteers and found all but half a dozen willing to return, but felt it would not completely bankrupt the city if they paid for a few necessary phones to be used in calling them to fires.

Just what decision will be reached upon this stupendous question no one knows.

Chief Lawton, upon request of Mr. Butler, appeared before the council Tuesday night and told them of the willingness of the old volunteers to return, that their experience was a valuable asset and minimum cost, and they felt slight concessions should be made. The council said it would welcome back the old volunteers, but sidestepped the question of phones with consummate skill.