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Mail Tribune 100

Two great world events cast dim shadows over Medford today.

Notice was received from New York banks by local banks to issue no more travelers checks until further notice, owing to conditions abroad.

Fruitgrowers are fearful lest the threatened strike of 55,000 enginemen on western railroads out of Chicago would menace the handling of the season's fruit crop.


PARIS, Aug. 1 — At the French foreign office today officials declared they considered it folly to rely on any hope of a peaceful outcome of the international crisis. England's efforts at Berlin yesterday, they said, had failed and any glimmer of hope which had appeared had been immediately extinguished.

The conditions under which the diplomatic "conversations" continued today made it, in the French official view, appear almost impossible to expect a satisfactory issue, and it was reluctantly admitted that war seemed to be only a question of hours.

It was stated after the receipt of the German communication that there was only the most slender hope that it would have any result.


Rogue River and Evans Creek valley contributes samples of grain for the San Francisco fair.

Editor W.R. Brower of the Rogue River Argus came staggering into the exhibit building yesterday with a load of grain and hay samples that have been selected by his patrons for display at the 1915 fair.

Rogue River and Evans valley farmers may well feel proud of their excellent farm products. The contributors are:

Fred Minthorn, vetch, wheat, oats, rye; W.H. Sisson, wheat; George Martin, vetch, wheat; Ed Boyd, wheat, timothy; Mrs. Ida Mengerly, wheat, oats.

The Commercial club wishes to thank these people and Editor Brower for their liberal response and interest.